Talkin’ Taco Time: The International Episode

After visiting a non-Northwest Taco Time in Yakima, we discuss the “other”/original Taco Time with The Famous Cousin Katie.

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One Response to Talkin’ Taco Time: The International Episode

  1. Lex says:

    The Teezy 3

    1. Are there any plans to discuss the Taco Faux-Teezy Tragedy that’s occurring up north?

    In Victoria, BC There’s three internationals up there committing a mass injustice to upwards of a 1/3 of a million people (Four if you count the Westshore Town Centre location). Even worse there’s four internationals with in a Single kilometer radius in downtown Vancouver servicing upwards of 600,000 Canadians in the inner urban Vancouver downtown area. There’s literally Millions of Canadians that have to put up with a significantly sub par Taco Time experience, and even worse Children… Children that may some day come down to the Great State Washington go to a Taco Time NW and think what the heck are these American’s doing to my Taco Time down here. #AllegoryOfTheCave


    2. One of the greatest Pro tips I’ve ever received on Taco Time in Seattle.

    If you’re thinking about dinning at the Interbay Taco Teezy. Use the Drive-Thru and then drive over the W Galer Street Flyover in Interbay it’ll lead you to a massive parking lot for Myrtle Edwards Beach.


    3. What’s up with your post Taco Teezy game? Where them Hacks at.

    Crustos : 325 Calories, 21 grams of Fat, enough Sugar to show up on a drug test, Not listed as a healthy choice option. That given… it might be the most insane topping to add on top of Molly Moon’s Ice Cream.

    Super Elite for your Taco Teezy Post Game if you hold on to em and crunch’em over Molly’s.


    – Lex

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