Sankey Chasing Husky History: Week 9

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve looked at Washington running back Bishop Sankey‘s quest to break the Husky single-season rushing record. After piling up 143 yards in Saturday’s lopsided win over Colorado, Sankey is just eight yards back of Napoleon Kaufman (1994) for the most yards by a Washington running back through nine weeks:

Player             Year  Yards   YPG
Napoleon Kaufman   1994   1313   145.9
BISHOP SANKEY      2013   1305   145.0
Greg Lewis         1990   1229   136.6
Corey Dillon       1996   1178   130.9
Chris Polk         2011   1096   121.8

Sankey should surpass Kaufman next week; Kaufman sprained an ankle during Week 10 and ran for just 11 yards. (He picked up 77 yards the remainder of the season, since the NCAA regular season was 11 games back then and the Huskies were prohibited from a bowl game.) But the Week 10 record Kaufman is chasing actually belongs to Corey Dillon, who vaulted into first place with 222 yards in the first quarter of a midseason non-conference game against San Jose State. Sankey needs 95 yards to stay ahead of Dillon through Week 10. You can see Dillon’s surge as the top line on the chart, with Sankey (in purple) nearly identical to Kaufman’s 1994 season.


Sankey’s total yardage currently ranks seventh in UW single-season history, but he’s got a realistic chance to finish Friday night as high as third if he rushes for 134 yards:

Player             Year  Yards    YPG
Corey Dillon       1996   1695   141.3
Chris Polk         2011   1488   114.5
Bishop Sankey      2012   1439   110.7
Chris Polk         2010   1415   108.8
Greg Lewis         1990   1407   117.3
Napoleon Kaufman   1994   1390   126.4
BISHOP SANKEY      2013   1305   145.0

He also remains slightly ahead of Dillon’s pace, which if maintained would allow him to set the single-season record without the benefit of the extra game the Huskies will likely play this season with a bowl appearance.

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