Peltoncast No. 213

First, we talk to UW assistant Will Conroy about organizing a forum last week for local youth. Then Let’s Remember Some Years reaches a highpoint as the Seahawks win their first Super Bowl and the Peltoncast debuts during a great year for music.


Intro – Conroy interview
20:00 – The listener drinks along: Mac & Jack’s African Amber
25:00 – Building our state of Washington teams
34:30 – Return to play plans and other Seattle sports updates
41:30 – The Seahawks and Colin Kaepernick
54:00 – Let’s remember some years presented by Pagliacci Pizza: 2013 in Seattle sports
1:39 – 2013 in music
2:10 – 2013 in TV/movies

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– Pagliacci fundraiser for Community Passageways
– Will Conroy on Twitter
– Peltoncast on Instagram
– 2013 Let’s Remember Some Years playlist
– Seattle Times: Noah Williams shares story of being held at gunpoint with teammate Paolo Banchero
– Build your “All-Time State of Washington” squad
– Redrafting the NFL
– Natalie Weiner on “Body Party”

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