Peltoncast No. 255

We find another legit contender for the crown of Seattle’s best fried chicken before discussing why so many UW men’s basketball players have their names in the transfer portal and pivoting to optimism about the Seahawks’ offseason.

Contents sponsored by Pagliacci Pizza

Intro – Fremont Hella Good Helles Lager
8:47 – Searching for Seattle’s best fried chicken at Pioneer Square D&E
19:57 – Checking in on the Blazers after the trade deadline
24:47 – M’s hot takes opening day edition
30:50 – Parents’ corner: Starting baseball practice
35:27 – Sounders get full 2021 MLS schedule
39:52 – What’s going on with UW men’s basketball?
49:19Sam Huard becomes state career leader in passing yards before enrolling at UW
55:05 – Feeling better after the Seahawks re-signed Carlos Dunlap

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Fremont Hella Good Helles Lager
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