Peltoncast No. 321

A semi-emergency pod turns the takes to 11 as the Mariners extend their winning streak, now second-longest in team history, and move into the second AL wild card spot. Plus All-Star toasts, the slumping Sounders and a review of what Kevin ate in Las Vegas.

Contents sponsored by Pagliacci Pizza

Intro – Silver City Irresistible Bliss Strawberry Vanilla IPA
9:10 – Extended emergency M’s hot takes played by Carlos Santana
27:05 – Kevin learns he’s feuding with Wacka Flocka Flame
33:50 – Kevin’s Vegas food diary
39:50 – More on Kraken’s top pick plus early moves in free agency
44:32 – Pair of shutout losses for Sounders; OL Reign derby draw
48:00 – Seattle’s second-hottest team is the Storm
55:45 – UW football recruiting still going strong
1:12:50 – Why we’re not talking about Jimmy Garoppolo and the Seahawks

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Silver City Irresistible Bliss Strawberry Vanilla IPA
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