Talkin’ Taco Time Ep. 1

Our Peltoncast spinoff pod talking about Taco Time Northwest debuts with Seattle rap producer Jake One telling us about his first job at Taco Time and how his crisp chicken burritos were ahead of their time.

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(Special thinks to The Famous Cousin Katie for the Talkin’ Taco Time logo)

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Jake One on Twitter
Grynch on Jake One inventing the crisp chicken burrito
Taco Time menu

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One Response to Talkin’ Taco Time Ep. 1

  1. Lex says:

    I love this podcast. Def repping this from here on out.

    You guys need to throw down on the design of the Taco Time exteriors. The Wallingford location looks like they built it out of the left over parts of Sputnik, Rick Ross’ Shades, the emerald city in the wizard of OZ. It’s one of the last Taco Time’s with the early 90s late 80s exterior and I love it. The exterior of the White Center looks like it’s meant to harness the power of the sun to directly burn your retinas if your brave enough to look at it. Most of it’s roof is just mirrors. (

    There’s a few hidden gems of restaurants that were previously a Taco Time locations in the northwest as well. Taqueria El Rinconsito of Federal Way is choice pick, It’s still has all the original materials of the Taco Time that close like two decades ago there. It’s like this alternate reality Taco Time with all the same furniture and interior design but the menu of a taco truck / lofi tex mex spot.


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