Peltoncast Live Draft Special

For the first time since 2019, we held a live Peltoncast last Friday at Good Times Bad Bar in Queen Anne. Due to a podcaster error, only the first two segments and the start of the third were taped, but you can listen to Talkin’ Taco Time with First Taco Timers, Let’s Remember Some Drafts with the legendary Jake One and thoughts from Mike-Shawn Dugar of The Athletic on the QBs in this year’s NFL Draft.

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Danny Kelly analyzes Mike-Shawn’s combine performance
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Talkin’ Taco Time: Jake One
Unsolved Mysteries of Seattle
The Athletic on Kemp’s Kentucky career and how he may have incorrectly taken the blame for chain theft
Seahawks Draft Preview with Danny Kelly
The Ringer’s 2022 NFL Draft Guide
Seahawks Man 2 Man podcast

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